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If you have an accident, please talk to us first before you talk to your insurance especially if you want your work doing here at MARC.

Things you didn’t know about car Insurance

1. You do not have to use the preferred recommended repairer your insurance chooses, it’s your car you can choose who repairs it and these are your rights.

2. It’s a myth that you have to get 2 quotes for the work to be done, why waste your time? Talk to us first.

Non Fault Accident

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault please talk to our trained office staff first who will advise you on the best way forward.

We work closely with certain Accident management companies who due to customer feedback we recommend highly.

The benefits of going through an accident management company instead of your own insurance:

  • Your vehicle will get done here at MARC.
  • Free of charge legal help.
  • Free courtesy car like for like straight the way if yours is not driveable.
  • No excess to pay out.
  • The claim is kept away from your insurance company so won’t be marked down as a claim affecting your premiums the following year.
  • Assistance with personal injury if required.
It’s your car, it’s your choice where you get it repaired. Call us 01664 56 77 22
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