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Some insurance companies are against independent garages repairing their customer’s cars, this all boils down to cost for the insurance company.

They neglect to remember the high premiums we all pay and they try to insist that you use one of the recommended garages of their choice.

These garages have to work on a tight budget at reduced labour rates and highly discount the parts used which has the knock on affect and it’s your car which suffers.

From our own customers experience’s:

The “approved” garage collect your car, leaving you a basic small run about. Your car could be taken miles away to a garage that you have never heard off or maybe Fred in a shed.

The wrong repair methods are used, poor paint work, colour matching problems, fresh damage or scratches, vehicles are then returned 3-4 weeks later in a shocking state un-valeted and with a general bad quality of workmanship.

Unhappy with the work you take it back in your own time to be re-done again. In some extreme cases the insurance have said after the 3rd time “take it to your own garage” and we end up starting from scratch to put it right.

All of our customers prefer to use a local high quality reputable body shop that can work on a vehicle straight away and have the job done 100% right first time with guarantee’s and warrantee’s.

All our customers cars have a courtesy wash and valet and given back to the customer in a professional presentable way

What are the benefits of using us for the repair?

  • Experienced repairers who repair your car to a high quality
  • 100% right first time with fast turnaround on repairs
  • Home collection & return or take home and pick up
  • FREE like for like courtesy car
It’s your car, it’s your choice where you get it repaired. Call us 01664 56 77 22
We offer a friendly local service for Melton, Leicestershire and surrounding areas at affordable prices