Bespoke Customer Requests

We undertake bespoke car work ranging from minor cosmetic changes to complete car re-sprays. Whether it is the black badging your Rolls Royce, a unique colour scheme for a bonnet or carbon fibre work, M.A.R.C. can assist you

m.a.r.c. Rolls Royce Wraith

m.a.r.c. Spirit black badged

We can black badge the metal chrome on your prestige car, producing an unique look which sets your car apart from the others. See examples in our gallery.

Custom Range Rover Bonnets

m.a.r.c. bespoke Range Rover Bonnet

Chose a colour scheme of your choice and make your Range Rover stand out from the crowd.

Carbon Fibre restoration

m.a.r.c. Carbon Fibre Restoration

We can restore the carbon fibre on your vehicle so that you don't have to purchase a replacement. Contact us for more details.

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